Raise your profile at the Affordable Housing Development & Investment Summit

What challenges are our delegates facing?

  • What alternative funding and financing models can we implement to get affordable housing developments off the ground?
  • How to effectively utilise tech and innovation to reduce construction, operation and maintenance costs to deliver affordable housing at a larger scale?
  • How to navigate the new planning and policy reforms to increase the supply of affordable housing?

 Who should Sponsor?

  • Social Housing & Property Management Software Providers
  • Institutional Investors/Banks
  • Sustainable Construction & Building Materials Suppliers & Manufacturers
  • Prefabrication & Modular Construction Solution Providers
  • Energy Efficient Solution Providers
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) Providers
  • IoT/ Building Automation and Management System Providers
  • Construction/Engineering, Procurement and Contracting Firms
  • Architecture/Urban Planning & Design Firms
  • Affordable & Social Housing Consultants


If you have new and innovative products, solutions, services or technologies relevant to this space, our delegates want to hear from you.