Harnessing innovative solutions from government, industry and the wider housing community to tackle Australia’s housing crisis

Harnessing innovative solutions from government, industry and the wider housing community to tackle Australia’s housing crisis   

Pre-Conference Day:  28 August 2018 (Melbourne)View Full Programme Here
Conference: 29 – 30 August 2018 (Melbourne) View Full Programme Here
The 5th annual Affordable Housing Development Summit co-located with the Australian Build-to-rent forum will be taking place in Melbourne from 28-30 August.
The event brings together government, housing providers, developers, investors and the wider housing community to explore the most innovative solutions and effective delivery models to tackle Australia’s housing crisis. 
In today’s housing market, nearly 1.3 million Australian households are unable to access market housing or experience rental stress. This number is expected to rise to 1.7 million households by 2025. 
To make affordable housing a reality, there is a need to explore evidence-based solutions and practical ways to create replicable, sustainable and affordable housing delivery models which can be scaled across the nation. 
Therefore, the team at The Affordable Housing Developing Summit is delighted to announce the participation of three international speakers from the UK who bring their knowledge and depth of experience in affordable housing development and build-to-rent funding and development to this year’s conference. They will provide a detailed context of the UK Housing market and the various housing and funding models implemented to overcome the housing crisis and how Australia could implement them to similar success. 


Pre-Conference Day:  28 August 2018 (Melbourne)
The Build-to-rent forum brings together developers, investors and the property sector to explore opportunities and overcome challenges in advancing Build-to-rent in Australia.The Build-to-rent sector is emerging as a $300b market in Australia. Well-established in the US and UK, this asset class could very well offer a solution to the current affordable housing crisis. 
Attend the forum to:
  • Learn how to create a successful build-to-rent scheme
  • Understand differentiating factors in funding and developing projects
  • Leverage best practices from international experts
  • Hear about local BTR projects 
  • Leverage solutions to expand the sector in Australia
Who Should Attend
Executives with an interest in the emerging Build-to-Rent market, including: 
Investors, Developers, Superfunds, Banks, Fund managers, Housing associations, Government, Legal firms, Consultants and Contractors

Featured Speakers

Geraldine Howley

Group Chief Executive

Incommunities Group

Michael Lennon

Managing Director

Housing Choices Australia

Brendan Crotty


National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation

Peta Winzar


Community Housing Industry Association

Christine Castley

Deputy Director-General Housing and Homelessness Services

QLD Department of Housing and Public Works

Stephen Anthony

Chief Economist

Industry Super Australia

Peter Summers



Andrea Galloway


Evolve Housing

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Media Partner

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Why attend?

  1. Hear from the Chair of the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation on the role of the NHFIC in unlocking new housing supply and expected plans for the next 12 months 
  2. Gain insights from one of UK’s largest social housing landlord Incommunities on building homes and regenerating communities and learn how to model their success 
  3. State Government update: VIC,QLD & TAS discuss recent housing frameworks and initiatives to improve housing outcomes
  4. Discover how some of the most innovative housing projects are being delivered across the nation and how these can be replicated effectively 
  5. Hear from First State Super, AMP Capital, Industry Super Australia and Investec on the impact of the Government’s guarantee and bond aggregator on the investment landscape and understand what else is required to attract private investment 
  6. Leverage lessons from St George Community Housing on using sustainable housing design to deliver energy efficient social and affordable housing 
  7. Evaluate effectiveness of recent affordable housing partnerships between CHPs, local councils and developers
  8. Understand how BlueCHP built Australia’s largest timber affordable housing unit with reduced construction and maintenance costs 
  9. Harness innovative housing designs to reduce construction and maintenance costs and examine recent affordable housing developments with AV Jennings, Stockland and Development Victoria 
  10. Learn about the outcomes from affordable housing projects in local communities and how councils are engaging in innovative ways to deliver increased housing
  11. Get behind Legal & General Investment Management (UK)’s £1.5bn Build to Rent strategy - Discover how build-to-rent can be an attractive asset class with a stable source of cash flow and explore differentiating factors in funding and development 
  12. Hear from the leading housing developer and manager in the UK and US Atlas Residential on how they successful created build-to-rent schemes of over 20,000 units in the US and 850 units in the UK and differentiating factors in design and construction of projects 

Who should attend?

  • Federal and State Government
  • Local Councils
  • Planning and Housing Specialists
  • Community and Social Housing Providers
  • Community Development Specialists
  • Property Developers
  • Construction Firms and Home builders
  • Not-for-Profit Organisations
  • Consultants and Lawyers
  • Architects
  • Engineering Firms
  • Superfunds, Banks, Investment Managers

Who Should Sponsor

Raise your profile at The 5th Affordable Housing Development Summit Australia

The 5th Affordable Housing Development Summit is a premier conference that brings together senior leaders from government, community housing providers and property developers to discuss how to better collaborate in order to increase the supply of affordable housing.

Extensive research with key stakeholders from Australia’s affordable housing community tells us that this discussion is relevant now because:
  1. AHURI estimates that 1.3 million households are in a state of housing need; and the demand for affordable housing far exceeds supply.
  2. The Federal Government has confirmed a government guarantee to complement the bond aggregator mechanism, which will drive increased investment in affordable housing
The challenge for government, community housing providers and property developers alike is how can design and construction practices be transformed to create sustainable and
replicable affordable housing delivery models at scale?

Download Sponsorship Prospectus 
What solutions can your organisation offer our audience to address the following challenges:
  1. What innovative design and construction methods exist to boost delivery of affordable housing?
  2. How can houses be more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable to deliver cost savings and improve community wellbeing?
  3. What funding options can be accessed to reduce the reliance on government funding and drive increased private investment?
Interested in showcasing thought leadership and innovative solutions? Contact info@aventedge.com or call +61 2 9188 8950.

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Pre-conference day: 28 August 2018 (Melbourne)

Conference: 29 - 30 August 2018 (Melbourne)

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Address: 113-123 Queen Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
Conference Room: Event Room 1